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CommRow in the Buzz of night
CommRow in the Buzz of night
CommRow in the Buzz of night
Tallest Climbing Wall in the World from the street
Emily Harrington 2nd pitch at CommRow

CommRow : Reno, NV, US

This is it folks -  the tallest climbing wall in the world. Done and climbing up to 164 ft. above the 2nd story balcony, this new wall takes the record for a manufactured climbing wall.  The lower wall is designed for all levels of climbing from beginners to advanced competitive climbers.  Also on the left side of this lower section is the first approved US 15 meter Speed Climbing Wall, ready for competition.  The upper wall is done as a 2nd pitch, so you have to be certified by the BaseCamp team before setting out for the full experience above the streets.


The climbing wall brings attention from the streets and keeps pushing forward the concept of getting active into the downtown Reno environment. The wall brought attention from the streets and climbers were excited to be cheered on from watchers below.  The best comments from pro climbers state - this is an outstanding experience that is surreal with the periferal vision of hard angles, glowing lights at night and sounds of busy streets.


Height: 162.00'