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USA Climbing / ABS National Championship - MozaiK Climbing Wall System
USA Climbing / ABS National Championship - MozaiK Climbing Wall System
USA Climbing / ABS National Championship - MozaiK Climbing Wall System
World Cup Competition Boulder
Teva Mountain Games; Mixed Climbing Comp - MozaiK Climbing Wall System


Custom Competition Walls:

Product Advantages Include:

  • Custom designed to reach the goals of your specific audience and competitors
  • Designed with ease of install and takedown in mind
  • Maintenance plans to make sure you are ready for your annual event

World Cup Boulders:

Product Advantages Include:

  • Richness of climbing:  Choose from a library of 6 interchangeable faces.  They can be configured in 3 different ways in order to adapt to the location of the bouldering competition.
  • Ease of install and takedown:  Once the first assembly is finished, the faces remain fixed to the frame and can be stored or transported flat.  Re-assembly is fast and easy.
  • Durability and ease of maintenance:  A durable smooth coating is used, with resistance to marking from climbing shoes.  Threaded screw inserts are used for easy adjusting and replacement.

Click here for full product sheet


IFSC Speed Wall:

Product Advantages Include:

Durability and Ease of Maintenance:

  • A panel coating particularly resistant to wear and marking from climbing shoes.
  • Screw inserts.
  • Panels are guaranteed for 5 years.

Ease of install and take-down:

  • Predrilled panels and wooden frame to ease installation
  • Install time: 2 days for 2 people per lane. 1 day for 2 people for take-down.

IFSC Certification:

  • Entre Prises is an official supplier to the IFSC.
  • A plaque with an approval number will be delivered with the wall
  • Topo of routes for the world record are supplied.

click here for complete IFSC Speed Wall Product Sheet


Please call 541-388-5463 or email for pricing options on any competition and event climbing wall