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Freeform Climbing Wall System
Freeform Climbing Wall System
Freeform Climbing Wall System
Freeform with leadable gear crack features
Military - Imprint Climbing Wall System


Climbing walls for specialized training tactics do require some additional features.  Our design team has a lot of experience working with groups like the Navy Seals, government agencies, fire and rescue units, police training centers, national guard and armed forces.  Features that we need to think about regularly for these facility types include:

  • Multiple rappel ledges
  • Natural features
  • Terrain with ability to climb in boots and full gear
  • Large group instruction areas

We have over 35 climbing systems completed within military / government agency facilities around the country.  Each does include custom elements specific to their type of training and we can refer you to personel and further information on these installations upon request.

Best climbing wall systems include:

> Freeform

> Imprint