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Oregon State University Freeform
Oregon State University Freeform
Oregon State University Freeform
University of Washington - Freeform Climbing Wall System
Akron University - Imprint and Freeform Climbing Wall Systems


Kindergarden Through Grade 12:

This user group includes beginner to intermediate climbers, learning the basics and understanding the values of climbing.  Features include:

  • Vertical panels with floor mats to cover holds while climbing is not permitted
  • Traverse walls to promote side to side movement and spotting safety
  • Top-ropes to promote belay safety and teach trust and accountability
  • Basic user areas to promote success and self confidence

Best climbing wall systems include:

> Durastone Panel Systems

> MosaiK

Colleges and Universities:

User groups for this facility type include beginner to advanced climbers.  Features include:

  • ADA approved flooring and access
  • Fire safety ratings
  • Space for group classes
  • Easy access to the top of the climbing wall
  • Belay ledges
  • High function features

Best climbing wall systems include:

> Freeform

> MosaiK

> Imprint